Alone and Forsaken

Its been awhile since I last updated. So here's one for the lj!
I'm right now doing 2nd semester of my Final Year in Medical School. It has been a long, hard, blood and tears-filled road (literally).
In another 4 months I'll be finishing my Medical School and in another 2 months after that I'll be officially working as a "Doctor"
(I can see half of you guys staring at the "d" word with horror-filled face)
I'll try not to kill anyone, no promises :P :P
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Hope you guys are healthy and staying at home, away from the haze.

Seirei no Moribitoish dream

Had a very Seirei no Moribito-ish dream last night. Thought I should write it down.

Its about a mother and child, the mother looks like Balsa and the son is sorta looks like Chagum (the prince) I guess.
They were trying to make a living in a new town, and stayed at the shrine?temple? that was owned by this guy whose working in a construction site (and his the leader who oversees their work and counts their workload done for the day).

Since its good pay so Mother decided to work at the construction site~ (Though her personality is less intense compared to Balsa and minus the history of every going through battles/learning spears)
Time passes and the son was seen acting really strange lately (like schizophrenic) So he was actually possessed and was being mother-complex over the relationship between Mother and the leader (since their living together). So this one day he went berserk with a knife but the mother stopped him in time.

The son was actually possessed by a monster which was sealed in the temple. It was only a part of the monster but somehow he manipulated the son to go collect the rest of him at other temples and grew stronger. They consulted the people of those temples and found out how to seal the monster.

But it was too late they only had one half of the scriptures?words? to seal the monster and the other half was lost through time. So the monster was revived (Kinda weird globbish/tentacleish thing) and terrorized the town. The Leader got impaled and was stuck to the back of the monster's head? when he was protecting the kid. Then the mother and child got impaled too and was right beside the leader whose already dead. The mother used a special hand mirror to reflect on the monster's head and got the remaining scriptures/words. The mirror reflects the past/memories of the monster.

The scripture words was pretty vague in my mind but it had something to do with the land and earth and children's and voices and the last bit was "The wailing cries of the crows" or something like that.

And then I woke up THE END
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Obligations (this shouldn't be an entry pft)

Seriously when I first saw your giveaway announcement, I was going, "Oh ok, sounds interesting but Its not like I know how to express myself well with words anyway so I'll skip, be happy and also be happy for the one who will win :) " 

But after some much thought, I suddenly had this one realization, "Actually...... Zhang Jingna is THE ONLY photographer I ever avidly follow in Facebook/twitter/DA/tumblr" 

(stalker alert? I don't know)

So it occurred to me that I have the obligation to at least tell you all this :) 

Now for the reasons.
The first thing that attracted me to actually started following your works was your interest in ACG and also how close you are staying to Malaysia. It was coincidentally ," Wow a famous photographer from Singapore and an ACG fan, interesting!" And I automatically started browsing your website.

I instantly fell for your works here. (First love: I never have a preference when its comes to photography art. But when I saw the works you have done. I knew there will be more to come, and more to make me go awe as I still am today. *Website tabbing ensues*

2nd reason is as many of the fans will agree, SUGIZO. You have no idea how jealous (Jealousy was more I have to say I'm sorry) and happy I was when this came out 

When you said you were crying, I was near tears.

Honestly when I saw, "explain why you like my work". I just can't.
To me your works are beyond me and beyond words.
As the saying goes "A picture speaks a thousand words"

I just wanna say a few last things, that, I love your whole life as a professional photographer, it was inspiring, eccentric and emotionally and artistically beautiful. There is the ups and downs you've went through, and it was also a sharing experience to me.

And to emphasize I can never compare you to another photographer because its really true (seriously =w=) that you are the sole photographer I ever will follow.

(I'm sorry to all photographers out there OTL) 

CF shopping/wishlist aka SAPU LIST

Yup you heard me
This is going to be forwarded to Jin and Shereen lol

But if you wanna get them for me for Xmas/Bday of course I'll love you more <3333

The ones I WANT MUST

Liricamore booth

1) Dulce by gunfair  (LOUTAU RMB DUN FLIP THIS ORZ LOL)


Kidchan booth (The only booth with Cantonese word)

3) If this is around RM30 sapu also for me!
4) If kitmun 's selling badges I want a set pls *W* Could someone tell me what kitmun is selling?

The ones I want but the money is not mine (Wish list) (I feel like betraying you guys for not buying them but but but I'm that near into being sued for bankruptcy DDDDDDX)

1) kitmun latest illust book (Actually ... I want all if she selling her old ones but thats just pushing it)
2) Number 3 of the above if its more than RM40 or RM50 orz (this girl one day gonna kena belasah for no reason)
3) monochromantica by Kunisaki

I'll update if I can rmb more *V* (Yes there should be more!)

[EDIT 2] : Lacry's gonna pass a certain dragon to you. Please pay her for me thx! *W*
[EDIT 3] : Please rmb pass the eyelashes to may_billy and my origamis to the booth owner of liricamore/Kunisaki and yamgene/kichan <3

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